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In this blog you will find my every-day training regime, including running sessions, biking, callisthenics, preparation for particular races.

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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011


magic word. yes! Tuesday's training: am: @ the dunes: 15.5km easy, about 1hr 35min. pm: @ the gym: on the treadmill 10.6km in 1hr, inclination 1, spped 10.1-10.9km/hr; 45min rpm class; 1hr spin class; 30min weight lifting; saunax3. very pleased, yes!

Dienstag, 26. April 2011

Easter weather

Here the weather is AWESOME. I run early in the morning in the dunes, anything between 10-17km, slow and easy. In the evenings I go to the gym for a bit of treadmill and mainly for overall fitness: spinning, weight lifting, flexibility, swimming, sauna. I think it is very important that I don't concentrate exclusively in running, because we have seen before I get over-use injuries.

Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

crispy fun training

On Wednesday I was fresh and ferocious! I started with 19.5km on the treadmill, inclination 1, speed 10.7-11.4km/hr, total 1hr:50min. I continued with 1hr body pump class, 30min abs and weight lifting. And then: 3km run on the treadmill, inclination 1, easy speed 10.1-10.7km/hr, total 18min. And in the end: legs still strong enough for 40min cycling, resistance 8-10, total 18km. A visit to the sauna was necessary after this hard work!

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

day off

Yesterday I was so tired from Monday's hard-core workout. I slept in the sauna for about an hour, with 4 cold shower breaks. Now I am feeling fresh, but still my legs are a bit numb. Hopefully they will be crisp and ready for training in the afternoon!

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

a while

It has been a while since my last update, and that's because I was sick. Fever and training do not blend well! Enough said. New week, new challenges ahead.
Yesterday, I was fresh and crisp: on the treadmill 19km in 1hr:47min, inclination 1, speed 10.7-11.4km/hr. Then straight to two 55min sessions of spinning class, followed by yet another 3km session on the treadmill, inclination 1, time 17min, speed 10.6-11km/hr. Completed the training with 15min weights for the arms, and of course sauna (double dosis!) to relax.

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

play hard

on Monday: on the treadmill 17.2km in 1hr:37min, inclination 1, speed 10.6-11km/hr - trying to forget the tiredness from the weekend's training, but my body had a very good memory! I then continued non-stop to a 1hr spinning class, followed by a 55min spinning class. Great tracks. Finished off the day with 10min abs and 23min sauna.

Montag, 11. April 2011

try something new

On Friday, I kept it simple and hard: on the treadmill 18.2km, inclination1, last 2km inclination 1.5, speed 10.6-11.4km/hr, total time 1hr:40min. then I continued with 1hr body pump class, 1hr cycling (30min resistance 8 and 30min resistance 9) for a total of 27km. and then I relaxed with a double dosis of sauna. On Saturday I shuffled and experimented: I started off with 20km cycling, resistane 8, total time 50min. Then I went to an rpm 45min class, before hitting the treadmill for 11km in 1hr, inclination 1, last 2km inclination 1.5, speed 10.6-11.4km/hr. I then tried for the first time a 1hr body attack class (too much jumping around!), followed by a thorough 15min team workout abs. I then went back on the treadmill for 6km in 35min, speed 10.6-10.7km/hr, inclination 1, last 500m inclination 1.5. I finished off this huge session with 30min weight lifting, before falling asleep in the sauna! On Sunday, yet more experimentation: early (06:00) in the morning, at the dunes, I ran 17-17.5km in 1hr:50min. I came back home feeeling cold and exhausted. In the afternoon at the gym: I started off with a sauna session, then hopped on the bike for 27km of cycling in 1hr:12min, resistance 8. I was feeling drained from the morning run, I guess the varying terrain and the cold were a challenge for my body. I tried for the first time a 1hr body step class. Very, very intensive, because of the thousand time that you have to hop up and down the step! I continued with 1hr body pump class, taking it easy with the weights on the bar. And then I finally had some rest with a double dosis of sauna.

Freitag, 8. April 2011

day off

Yesterday I took the opportunity to rest... and melt in the sauna: I stayed in total 1hr10min in the sauna, in four sessions mixed with ice-cold bath. My skin is now soft, detox accomplished!

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011

all aerobic

On Wednesday I stayed all aerobic in the gym: on the treadmill 21.7km in 2hrs, inclination 1, last 2km inclination 1.5, speed 10.6-11.3km/hr. 20min abs. 50min rpm class (an extra track for an extra peak in the end!). 50min spin class. sauna.

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

fantastic training

on Monday, a marathon of spinning: I started off on the treadnmill for 17km, inclination 1, speed 10.6-11.4km/hr, total 1hr:35min. Then... 50min spin class; 45min rpm class; 1hr rpm xl class. and a double dosis of sauna to relax! On Tuesday, I was tired from all that spinning, but still managed to do on the treadmill 19km, inclination 1, speed 10.6-11.3km/hr, total 1hr:45min. 45min rpm class. 20min abs. 30min weight lifting. triple dosis of sauna (cold and rainy outside).

Montag, 4. April 2011

give it your all

When it comes to training, that's what you do! Friday: on the treadmill: 19km, inclination 1, speed 10.5-11.4km/hr, total 1hr:47min. 1hr body pump class. cycling: 15km, resistance 6-8 in 37min (legs dead after all that running!). 10min stretching, and combo of steam bath-sauna-sauna. Saturday: on the treadmill: 21.6km in 2hrs, speed 10.6-11.5km/hr, inclination 1, except for 5th km and the last 5km, where I put inclination 1.5. 20min abs. 40min weight lifting. 30min cycling: 15km, resistance 8-9. sauna. 1.8km swim. sauna. Sunday: on the treadmill: 18km, inclination 1, except for the 16th and 17th km, where I put inclination 1.5, speed 10.3-11.3km/hr. 30min abs and weight lifting. cycling: 19km, resistance 7-8 in 45min (legs dead after all that running!). 1hr body pump class; sauna.

Freitag, 1. April 2011

half marathon in two parts

Yesterday in the gym, I hopped on the treadmill for 17km, inclination 1, speed 10.6-11.1km/hr (too slow for you!). I then went to a 45min rpm class (rpm is like spin class but with intervals), and then back on the treadmill for 4km, first 2km inclination 1, last 2km inclination 1.5, speed 10.7-11km/hr. I finished off the day with 20min abs and stretching, and of course sauna and steam bath.