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If you have visited this blog, chances are, you are a passionate runner, just like me!

In this blog you will find my every-day training regime, including running sessions, biking, callisthenics, preparation for particular races.

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Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday: on the treadmill: 2min walk/ 20km run @ 10.5-11.3km/hr, inclination 1. total: 1hr52min. 10min abs. 1hr spin class. 30min abs and weight lifting. sauna. Wednesday: on the treadmill: 2min walk/ 17km run @ 10.5-11.1km/hr, inclination 1. total: 1hr37min. cycling: 11km in 23min, resistance 8 (very tired after running!). 1hr body pump class. 20min abs. 50min spin class. sauna. Now that my running mileage has increased, I try to take it easy with the other types of exercise!

Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Monday update

Turn it up: on the treadmill: 2min walk; 16km run @ 10.4-11km/hr, inclination 1; 50min spin class; 45min rpm class; 25min weight lifting; sauna.

Montag, 28. März 2011

power x3

Friday: on the treadmill 2min walk; 18.5km run, inclination 1, speed 10.4-11km/hr, total 1:45. then 30min stretching, abs, weight lifting for the legs. followed by 1hr cycling, 27km, resistance 8-9. Those legs were tired from the running sesh! Finished off with steam bath and sauna. Saturday: on the treadmill 2min walk; 21km run, inclination 1, speed 10.4-11km/hr, total 1:57. then 50min stretching, abs, weight lifting. followed by 50min cycling, 24km, resistance 8-9. 1hr body pump. Finished off with sauna. Sunday: similar to Friday, ie: on the treadmill 2min walk; 18km run, inclination 1-1.5 (I could tell the difference!), speed 10.4-11.4km/hr, total 1:41. followed by 1hr15min cycling, 32km, resistance 8-10. then 30min stretching, abs, weight lifting for the legs. Finished off with sauna, steam bath and sauna.

Freitag, 25. März 2011

Rome and back

Roma è bella ma caotica. Excellent and luxurious vacay.
Training-wise: In the mornings I would run outside focusing on hill-work. Later on I would hit the gym and spa for weight-lifting, cycling, treadmill, pilates, swimming, hamam, sauna - any combo thereof! In the evening, before going out, I would go again to the spa - it was so good, it was addictive!

Yesterday, back from Rome, a super sesh in the gym: 42km cycling with resistance 9-10 (very proud!) but in 1hr30min... Faster next time! Then I went to the 1hr body pump class, new release, super-hard, took it easy with the weights on the bar. I quickly switched to the 45min rpm class, before hopping on the treadmill for 8km running, inclination 1. Afterwards: sauna. 1km swim. sauna. the end!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

log it in

Ok, this will be a super-fast update: yesterday in the gym: on the treadmill: 2 min walk; 10km run @ 10.4-10.9km/hr, inclination 1; 1min walk; 8km run @ 10.8-11.2km/hr, inclination 1-1.5. total: 18km. very pleased with that. Then straight to 1hr body pump class, I took it easy with the weight on the bar because I was tired from the running session. 20min weight lifting and stretching. 55min spin class. sauna.
Tomorrow I am off to Rome, for some substantial running, gym and spa treatment - oh yeah, and tourist fun!

Mittwoch, 16. März 2011

run, spin, lift weights

...a hefty dosis thereof! Yesterday's training: on the treadmill: 2min walk; 7km run @ 10.4-10.7km/hr, inclination 1; 1 min walk; 6km run @ 10.7-10.9km/hr, inclination 1; 1 min walk; 5km run @ 10.8-11.2km/hr, incilnation 1.5. total mileage: 18km. very happy with that! Then I did 20min abs and stretching, before a super-intensive 1hr spin class; after which I did 30min weight lifting, before hitting the sauna.

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

triple dosis

Yesterday the magic number was three: sauna; 26km cycling, resistance 8, 44min; 10min abs; 1hr spin class; 10min weghts for the arms; 45min rpm class; 30min weight lifting; sauna. The only thing missing was a triple dosis of sauna - well I guess twice was enough!

Montag, 14. März 2011

feel the workout

On Friday I rested in the sauna, because in the weekend the workout was amazing:
Saturday: 20km cycling, resistance 8, 43min (tired); 10min weights for the arms; 45min rpm class; 10min abs; 1hr body pump class; on the treadmill: 2min walk; 6km run @ 10.4-10.7km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 6km run @ 10.7-10.9km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 3.5km run @ 10.9-11.1km/hr, inclination 2.5; total 15.5km. Then: 10min stretching; sauan; 1.4km swim; sauna.
Sunday: 19km cycling, resistance 8, 42min; 15min weights for the arms; 1hr spin class (super hard!); pre-post run: total of 50min abs-weight lifting-stretching; on the treadmill: 2min walk; 6km run @ 10.5-10.8km/hr, inclination 1; 1min walk; 6km run @ 10.8-11km/hr, inclination 1; 1min walk; 4km run @ 10.9-11.2km/hr, inclination 1.5; total 16km. Then: sauna, extra long session!

Freitag, 11. März 2011

give it to me baby

These days I have been training like a champ!
Wednesday: sauna; 40km cycling, resistance 8-9, 1hr20min; 1hr body pump class; 20min abs; 1hr (extra large!) spinning class. sauna.
Thursday: on the treadmill: 2min walk; 6km run @ 10.4-10.6km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 6km run @ 10.8-10.9km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 3km run @ 11-11.2km/hr, inclination 2.5. Total: 15km, 1hr25min. After that: 15min abs; 45min rpm class; 40min weight lifting; sauna; 1.6km swim; sauna.

Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

raise the heart beat

On Tuesday, the heart beat stayed up, up! Started off with the treadmill: 2min walk; 5km run @ 10.4-10.6km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 5km run @ 10.6-10.9km/hr, inclination 2; 1min walk; 4km run @ 10.9-11.1km/hr, inclination 2.5.
Then it was time for 30min abs and weight lifting, and a 6km cycling session, resistance 8, just before 50min spin class. I finished with 20km cycling, last 4km resistance 9, 43min. The sauna was a good place to be in the end!

Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Mondays are good

... for training! Yesterday I hopped on the treadmill and did: 2min walk; 5km run @ 10.4km/hr, inclination 2; 1 min walk; 5km run @ 10.6km/hr-10.8km/hr, inclination 2; 1 min walk; 4km run @ 10.9-11.1km/hr, inclination 2.5. Total:14km, 1hr20min. Then I did 10min abs, and on to 1hr body pump class; which was followed by 45min rpm class; and 12km cycling, resistance 8, last 2km resistance 9, in 23min. After that, the sauna was a must!

Montag, 7. März 2011

tripple row

On Thursday I rested in the sauna (and in some shops later on!). And then came a tripple row of training:
1. Friday: 20km cycling, resistance 8, 42min; on the treadmill: 2min walk; 16min run @ 10.3km/hr, inclination 1; 1min walk; 18min run @ 10.4km/hr, inclination 1.5; 1min walk; 22min run @ 10.6km/hr, inclination 1.5; 1min walk; 12min run @ 10.6km/hr, inclination 1.5. In total 12km, 1:12. 20min abs. 6km cycling, resistance 8. 1hr body pump class; 11km cycling, resistance 8; sauna.
2. Saturday: 22km cycling, resistance 8, 43min; on the treadmill: 2min walk; 5km run @ 10.3km/hr, inclination 1.5; 1min walk; 5km run @ 10.6km/hr, inclination 1.5; 1min walk; 3km run @ 10.8km/hr, inclination 2. Total 13km in 1:15. 10min stretching; 30min weight lifting; 10km cycling, resistance 8; sauna; 1.4km swim; sauna.
Sunday: sauna; 3km swim; sauna; 19km cycling, resistance 8, 40min; 1hr body pump class; 21km cycling, last 1km resistance 9, 43min; shower.

Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

manage this!

Second day in a row, run session! Let's take it from the top: sauna. 1hr treadmill: 2min walk; 16min run @ 10.1km/hr; 1min walk; 18min run @ 10.3km/hr, inclination 0.5; 1min walk; 22min run @ 10.6km/hr inclination 1. Very happy I continued with 10min stretching, before the 1hr body pump class. After that, 25min abs and random weight lifting. 50min spin class. and of course, sauna in the end!

Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

yes I can...

...run! Yesterday evening I felt tired, but that didn't stop me: 10km cycling /20min, resistance 8. 15min team workout abs. 11km cycling/23min, resistance 8. 45min rpm class. and then: on the treadmill! 2min walk; 16min run @ 10.2km/hr; 1min walk; 18min run @ 10.3km/hr; 1min walk; 22min run @ 10.4km/hr. Total: 10km!! Very pleased. I then relaxed a bit in the sauna, before hitting the pool for a 1.4km swim. and back to the sauna to accumulate some heat!

Dienstag, 1. März 2011

higher resistance level

Yesterday at the gym, I started the week with a new challenge: I completed 32km cycling in 1hr:06min, upping the resistance level to 9. After this I could not feel my legs! I rested my legs with 20min abs and 20min sauna, and then I was back for 25min weight lifting and 2km rowing in 11:30, resistance level 5. I then went to a 45min spinning class, after which I continued sweating (although somewhat more relaxed!) in the sauna for another 20min session. Lots of cycling with variation breaks!