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Freitag, 29. Juli 2011


This pretty much sums up yesterday evening's session at the gym. Time frame: 45min/1hr/45min/45min/15min. My last cycling session was a pleasant surprise, as I did not feel any tiredness and kept the resistance level alternating between 8 and 9.
Today I ran at the dunes 18km in 1hr:50min. Very happy that I could "pick up the pace", compared to similar distances of last week. In the evening I will go to the gym for low impact training, similar to yesterday's, because I would like to focus on quality running outdoors this weekend.

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

true to my word

Yesterday I stayed true to my word: I went to the gym straight into the sauna for an ultra long 50min session with 3 cold shower breaks. Afterwards I felt detoxed (and in a nirvana!), but I still had to: bike back home, go to the local grocers' market, go by foot to the local supermarket (and come back bith two bags and a rucksack full of random household necessities - my weight lifting session!). When finally home and after putting everything in their place, I dozed off at the couch for an hour. Then it was back to the kitchen for my hobby - and necessity- of cooking. It was a long day after all, but it was refreshing to diverge from my routine.
This morning I woke up super early for a super long morning run of 22km in the dunes in 2hrs:20min. In the afternoon I will focus on cycling, spinning and body pump in the gym. After yesterday's rest and this morning's hard run, low-impact but high-quality gym training is a great satisfaction!

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

the rest day

Today is the rest day. I can't remember when my last rest day was! I suppose this is a strong indication that today is going to be just that. Also, I feel very tired because since my mother left, I have been training hard both at the dunes and in the gym non-stop. I have noticed that more sleep does not do the trick anymore. My body needs more recovery time. So today's schedule is: sauna. The only training I will get will be biking to and from work, some staircase, and maybe a walk at the beach in the evening.
The training update since Monday is like a marathon every single day: on Monday evening I went to the gym for 10.3km on the treadmill, 1hr spin class, 45min cycling, 30min weights. On Tuesday morning I ran at the dunes 23km in 2hrs:25min, and in the evening I went to the gym, where I fell in love with biking: I cycled 1hr, resistance 7-9, 450kcal; 50min rpm class; 1hr spin class; 30min abs and weights. In the end of these sessions sauna helps me wind down, but really nothing replaces a good rest day.

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon mid

Friday evening at the gym: 1-hour run on the treadmill, 10.4km, inclination 1; 1hr cycling, resistance level 7-8; 1hr body pump; 15min sauna.
Saturday: am: 2hrs:50min run in the dunes and in Benoordenhout, about 27km; pm: at the gym, low impact: 1hr:20min cycling; 15min walk uphill (inclination 6) on treadmill; 15min team workout abs; 45min stretching and weight lifting; 10min sauna.
Sunday: am: 16 rainy km in the dunes in 1hr:40min; pm: at the gym, feeling very, very worn out from Saturday, I did: 1hr walk on treadmill, inclination 6.5, speed 5.2-6.1km/hr, total 5.75km; 50min cycling, resistance 7-8; 1hr body pump with less weight on the bar than usual; 15min sauna.
Monday morning: well-rested, I enjoyed a 1hr:50min run in the dunes, about 17.5km. In the afternoon, I will go to the gym and there I will hopefully hop on the treadmill, and continue with abs/stretching/cycling/spin class/sauna. The list sounds long, we will see what I will do from all of these!

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


the joy of a good workout: yesterday at the gym: 10.4km on the treadmill in 1hr, inclination 1, speed 10.4km/hr; 1hr abs and weight lifting; 50min rpm class; 45min cycling, resistance 7-9. sauna 15min.
This morning, even though I had slept for just 5hrs(!), I ran at the dunes 1hr:50min, about 17-17.5km. In the afternoon I would like to go to the gym but keep it short!

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011


On Tuesday afternoon I did the following in the gym: 10.6km run on the treadmill, inclination 1, speed 10.6km/hr; 50min rpm class; 1hr spin class; 20min sauna. This session combined with the long run at the dunes on Tuesday morning, meant that my legs on Wednesday morning were... dead.
So on Wednesday morning I did a super-easy run at the dunes, 14km in 1hr:40min. In the afternoon I ran 10.2km on the treadmill at the gym, ininclination 1, speed 10.2km/hr; I then did 1hr abs and weight lifting; 1hr rpm class; 50min cycling, resistance 7-8, 600kcal; 15min sauna.
This morning I ran 16km in 1hr:45min. Not too tired! My afternoon session will depend on how I feel, but I would like to include body pump class!

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011


I have to admit, yesterday all day I was a bit anxious in view of my gym session: I had not run on the treadmill for quite a while ("blame it" on the beautiful weather that kept all my running sessions outdoors!), and I wasn't sure I could do it. But yes I did! I hopped on the treadmill and did 19.2km in 1hr:50min, inclination 1, speed 10.2-10.9km/hr; I then continued happily with 2hrs (!) of spin class. I finished off with 10min sauna.
This morning I ran about 19-19.5km at the dunes in 2hrs, the weather was summer-y. In the afternoon I will go to the gym for cycling, rpm and/or spin class - thus focusing on aerobic workout, second day in a row.

Montag, 18. Juli 2011


On Friday afternoon I went to the gym for exactly 1hr cycling and 15min sauna, as planned, before going with my mum to the airport. By the time I got home, I was exhausted.
On Saturday morning I ran at the dunes and the nearby park at Benoordenhout, 2hrs:27min, about 24km. In the afternoon I went to the gym for: 1hr:20min cycling, resistance level 8-9, 44km; 1hr treadmill walk, inclination 7, speed 5.2-5.9km/hr; 30min abs and weight lifting for the arms; sauna.
On Sunday morning I ran 2hrs at the dunes, 18.5km. In the afternoon I went to the gym for: 1hr:20min cycling, resistance level 8-10, 40km; 30min treadmill walk, inclination 7, speed 5.2-5.9km/hr; 1hr body pump; sauna.
It goes without saying, this morning I could not get out of bed! I got some good sleep and this afternoon I will have rested enough to go to the gym. I will either hop on the treadmill for a run or go to spin class.

Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


Ok, so going out with my mum, going shopping, and basically having fun at home with my favourite guest is awesome - but it can be very tiring, especially when combined with training!
On Wednesday afternoon I went for a run after a super long morning run, work, shopping and before our night out. Result: I was too tired to do anything more than 5km!!! I barely made it back home, but still managed to bring wild flowers with my for my mum. On Thursday I went for a hard-core run in the morning, 2hrs:25min fighting against wind and heavy rain, about 21-22km. We chilled/stayed cozy at home, and in the afternoon I went to the gym for a very good session: 1hr:30min cycling, resistance 8-9, 40km; 1hr body pump; 15min abs; 45min treadmill uphill walk, inclination 7, speed 5.3-5.9km/hr, distance 5km. sauna 20min. I then braved through the bad weather and did some shopping, the last presents for my mum.
This morning I was tired after the long Thursday afternoon-evening, but I insisted upon running because the sky had cleared. I ran 17km at an easy pace. In the afternoon I will visit the gym for a very short session comprising only cycling, because afterwards I will escort my mum to the airport. This weekend I want to focus on the following: easy runs in the morning; rest and sleep in the day; quality, long but low-impact sessions at the gym; extra sauna session at my neighbourhood's health club; clean-eating, cooking gourmet unprocessed foods.

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

rain and run

Yesterday evening I went to the gym: 1hr cycling, resistance level 7-8, 24.5km; 23min uphill walk on the treadmill, inclination 7 and speed 5.3-5.8km/hr; 50min rpm class; 30min abs and weight lifting; 15min sauna.
This morning it was raining heavily... I felt like a little wet duckling, running over ponds in the dunes. My run was about 17km in almost 2hrs. In the afternoon I will probably opt for a run instead of the gym, if it is not rainy as this morning. Tomorrow in the afternoon I would like to focus on rpm and weights at the gym, while for the morning I have in mind a light running session in mind. Whatever the weather dictates!

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

hold your horses

Yesterday evening I ent for a good 1hr run, about 11km. This was followed by exercises at the stairs. So this morning I was feeling tired, but I insisted and did 20km at the dunes in 2hrs:10min. In the afternoon I will opt for the gym, for some cycling, spinning, weights - anything to alternate and stay away from running!

Montag, 11. Juli 2011

all the running of the world

Friday afternoon was a 2.5hr session in the gym, including cycling, uphill walk on treadmill, weights and sauna. But since then... it has been running in the dunes, the km are out of this world! On Saturday morning I ran 2hrs:50min, about 26km. This run was followed by squats and lunges, and serious stretching. On Sunday morning I ran 3hrs (!), about 26.5-27km, again followed by a 20min session of squats, lunches and stretching. In the afternoon I ran another 1hr:15min (!), about 10.5-11km.
This morning I woke up a bit tired, but the weather was fantastic, so I ran 2hrs:10min, 20km.
I am thoroughly enjoying the excellent weather, the extended running sessions and the quality time spent with my mum. Tomorrow I will squeeze into my schedule a short gym session, just to add some spice to the mix.

Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

as planned

Yesterday evening I went to the gym and did exaclty as I had planned: 1hr cycling, resistance 7-8, 24km; 12min treadmill walk, inclination 6-7, speed 5.5-5.7km/hr, total 1km (a little extra!); and 1hr body pump, followed by 20 min sauna. I then went for shopping therapy with my mother. Excellent quality time spent together!
This morning I was crisp, so I ran super early at the dunes, 2hrs, about 18.5km. In the evening I will follow the rainy forecast and visit the gym for indoor sports!

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011


Yesterday afternoon the weather was great, apart from some wind. I went shopping, then I took my mum for a long walk to the dunes. After that, I ran 1hr:10min at the dunes, about 10-10.5km, followed by some much-needed stretching.
This morning I was feeling light and airy, so I ran 20.5km at the dunes in 2hrs:15min. In the afternoon I will go to the gym for a short session, possibly including cycling and weight lifting.

Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

mummy's here!

On Monday afternoon I was feeling really sleepy at the gym... but I managed to do some cycling, an uphill treadmill walk, and weight lifting, followed by the sauna. Yesterday my mother arrived from Greece and she will be staying for 10 days. I therefore workout less time but with higher impact/intensity. Yesterday in the morning I ran 20km at the dunes in 2hrs:10min. The rest of the day was spent shopping, cooking and cleaning the house for my guest of honour. In the evening, just before my mother came, I went back to the dunes for a 14km easy run. This was followed by... mopping the house!
Today I struggled to wake up super early, but I did it because time is super important and the mornings are always key to workout and still have time to spend with my mother. So I ran at the dunes 18km in 1hr:55min. In the evening I plan to go for a short run and walk with my mother, too. I have to admit that my body is shocked by the abrupt change in my workout routine, but in the same time the adrenaline is flowing thanks to my beloved guest!

Montag, 4. Juli 2011

three day recap

On Friday I took a full-day rest/recovery after a long time. I just relaxed in the sauna in the afternoon for an hour or so.
On Saturday morning I ran about 28km in 2hrs:55min at the dunes. In the afternoon I went to the gym: 2hrs cycling, resistance 7-8, 49.5km; 1hr abs/stretching/weight lifting. and then at Carlton beach hotel, later that evening: sauna and stretching in the pool.
On Sunday: morning session: 16.5km in 1hr:45min at the dunes; and in the afternoon in the gym: 2hrs cycling resistance 7-8, 50km; 1hr body pump.
This morning I ran 18.5km in 2hrs at the dunes. and in the afternoon I am planning to stay for a long session in the gym, since the new Les Mills release is on!

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

simply too much

I don't know why, but yesterday evening (and all day long, for that matter!) I was at a high. Even though I had run in the morning in the dunes, I was feeling bomb in the gym: 40min cycling, resistance 7-8; 1hr body pump class; 45min rpm class; 1hr cycling resistance 7-8.
It goes without saying, this morning I could not get out of bed! In the evening I will probably go to the gym just for the sauna. Rest is needed - and sleep.