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Mittwoch, 6. Juli 2011

mummy's here!

On Monday afternoon I was feeling really sleepy at the gym... but I managed to do some cycling, an uphill treadmill walk, and weight lifting, followed by the sauna. Yesterday my mother arrived from Greece and she will be staying for 10 days. I therefore workout less time but with higher impact/intensity. Yesterday in the morning I ran 20km at the dunes in 2hrs:10min. The rest of the day was spent shopping, cooking and cleaning the house for my guest of honour. In the evening, just before my mother came, I went back to the dunes for a 14km easy run. This was followed by... mopping the house!
Today I struggled to wake up super early, but I did it because time is super important and the mornings are always key to workout and still have time to spend with my mother. So I ran at the dunes 18km in 1hr:55min. In the evening I plan to go for a short run and walk with my mother, too. I have to admit that my body is shocked by the abrupt change in my workout routine, but in the same time the adrenaline is flowing thanks to my beloved guest!

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