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Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

next one in 2011

I have been v. busy re. all aspects: work,health,training,vacations -um, except for work! I have taken several days off to rest-go to Amsterdam for the opera- go to the movies- and yes train like crazy!
Remember the unbelievable snow we had here 10 days ago? It still hasn't melted away! The dunes are full of it. So my training these days looks like this: morning 10-19km, half on the street (bike path) and half at the beach, sand semi-hard depending on the tide. evening 10-14km on the street. I try to run at brisk pace in the evening. Last week's mileage averaged at around 150km. This week I aim at around the same number.

Today is my last day to work for 2010. So... I am wishing for all of us lots and lots of km for 2011. Long runs, intervals, fartlek. Running in the dark early in the morning, late at night. Sneaking out for the extra mile when the fellow runner has left. Races abroad to keep it interesting.

Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

buried in snow

I guess you have heard about the weather conditions in northern Europe. To summarize it: we are buried in snow! Today is the single day I came to the office.
So the training has been adjusted to snow: every day 24-27km in the dunes, in two sessions. It is very time consuming because of the snowy terrain and very,very,very tiring- especially for the hips and the feet-ankles. In spite of the weather last week's mileage averaged 165km-170km. So...yesterday my system crashed: I crawled out of bed @ 15:00, stayed home and in the evening ran 10km.
I cannot describe how much snow there is, let's just say that everything they show on tv is true!
The snowy terrain has offered several challenges: running on powder snow up to my ankles. running on uneven terrain. running on semi-frozen terrain. running with multiple layers of clothes. and of course the best of all: running in the snow storm!
Speed sessions and fartlek is fun, on dry terrain. Hopefully it will not snow again and by mid January I can resume.
Today I did 16km in 1:50 on semi-frozen/uneven terrain, it was so hard I was gasping for air! Air temp -4 C, 4 Bft N wind.

Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

running thoughts

A Greek fellow runner confessed to me that he runs every day no matter what others say. I understand him 100% for sneaking out of home in the rain to complete the mileage he wanted! Some people call it perversion, we call it passion-love-achievement. Besides, the time we spend training and putting all those miles in, the others who blame us of being perverse are on the couch in front of the tv. We make the most of our life!
Dark and rain do not stop us. Excellent!
Now... a few notes on my mileage:
My "fast" sessions in the evenings are at about 12-12.5km/hr speed! I could never do such increased mileage combined with fast intervals.
Training update: yesterday evening 4.5km "fast" (!)... and then a dash to the shower to make it in time for the restaurant!!! This morning 17.5km easy, v windy and rainy. I am starting to feel tired because 1. I have been training twice per day for the last 14 days non-stop, and 2. it is hard to combine such training with visitors at home. We go out every night and not wanting to compromise my training I end up sacrificing sleep. Will decrease mileage in the weekend, and increase sleep!
Re. running in the morning @ 06:00: It is ok as long as I have slept at least 7 hours. Yesterday and today I felt my legs heavy in the morning because of prolonged lack of sleep. In the evenings I am always pumped from work and can run a bit faster.
We keep it up, in the rain, in the winter!

Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

snowy mileage in view

My mileage has stayed high this week, but snow storms are forecast for the end of the week, so in the weekend I will turn it down a bit. For the time being, the weather is reasonably good, i.e. max temp 3 C, rather windy, light rain showers. Mon evening 6km fast, Tue morning 20.5km incl last 1km faster, Tue evening 7km incl 3km faster. Today 18km, tired from all those miles!

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

back to high mileage

The weather has been excellent, so I have been really enjoying the running regime: Fri evening 4km fast, Sat morning 30km !!!, Sat evening 3km easy. Sun morning 22km incl last 2km at faster pace, Sun evening 3km fast. Total mileage for last week was above 160km.
Today the temperature dropped again to -5 C, so pace was adjusted. I still managed to do 19.5km in 1:55hrs, I think it is pretty decent in view of the bitter cold.
As the weather forecast has it, we are waiting for new snow this week. The main problem I find it to be the ice and the cold, not the snow per se - except for the snow storms!

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

the summer is back!

Yesterday evening I ran 13km in the rain, against strong wind. Not enjoyable.
But today was pay-back time: I ran 21.5km in the dunes in perfect weather: no wind, no rain, temperature 4 C. Most of the snow has finally melted. Excellent! It seems the summer is back! The weather should stay like this for the weekend. Excellent running opportunities lie in front of me!
This evening my mother and sister will come to visit me. Full schedule for the coming week!

Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

tiredness: the accumulator

I was tired yesterday. In the evening I could only manage 5.5km easy, and this morning... not any better: 8.5km!
I suppose tiredness accumulates. This week I did not take Monday morning off and my body... knows it!
A shorter run this morning means a get extra time to prepare the house for my mother and sister, who are coming tomorrow.
If I am up for it, I might go for a short run in the evening as well. The temperature has risen and I want to enjoy it while it lasts!

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Christmas festivities

Maybe I should find a gym to put some speed work-outs in the winter. My problem is, I literally despise the gym. And the treadmill is so boring! I would rather run under heavy rain than in the gym! 100m on the treadmill seem like 1km to me! Mental issue. To be fixed.
Training news: Mon evening 10km, Tue 17km and 7km, all road running. Today: 20km incl 4km fresh pace, half road - half in the dunes, the snow has finally melted!
On Fri my mother and sister are coming here for pre-Christmas celebrations. Serious shopping, michelin restaurant and the Nutcracker are included in our schedule!

Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

snow storm -> defeat

My weekend was... stormy!
On Sat. morning I started running at 08:00. At 09:00 I was caught by the snow storm 10km away from home. The snow piled up quickly on the dunes, which were already covered with powder snow. The storm was so thick, I couldn't see in front of me. The wind was hitting me from all directions. I somehow found my way back, 1:30hrs in the snow storm. After a hot shower I went to bed, and when I woke up in the evening I was sick. I threw up 4 times and could barely walk.
Yesterday I woke up at 12:30pm, went for a 20min walk and came back home to sleep again.
Lesson learnt: Do not mess with the weather. Always, always take the weather into consideration when planning training. Snow/hail/strong wind/heat wave will affect not only speed, but also mileage - otherwise my health will suffer!
Last week's mileage sums up to 110km. Now the weather is much better, but the dunes are covered with ice. Road running is scheduled! This morning I did 16km easy recovery run.

Freitag, 3. Dezember 2010


My training update, you guessed it, is full of snow! These days have been running on powder snow 3cm, very tiring and hard for the hips. Yesterday in the snow storm, max temp -6 C. Today max temp -2 C. Layers of clothes - gloves - socks- hats, you name it. 5kg extra weight of garments!
Managed to do: Wed evening 8km, Thu morning 16km, evening 10km. Today 17km. No speed whatsoever.
A bit better in the weekend? Hopefully, if some of the snow melts!