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Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

next one in 2011

I have been v. busy re. all aspects: work,health,training,vacations -um, except for work! I have taken several days off to rest-go to Amsterdam for the opera- go to the movies- and yes train like crazy!
Remember the unbelievable snow we had here 10 days ago? It still hasn't melted away! The dunes are full of it. So my training these days looks like this: morning 10-19km, half on the street (bike path) and half at the beach, sand semi-hard depending on the tide. evening 10-14km on the street. I try to run at brisk pace in the evening. Last week's mileage averaged at around 150km. This week I aim at around the same number.

Today is my last day to work for 2010. So... I am wishing for all of us lots and lots of km for 2011. Long runs, intervals, fartlek. Running in the dark early in the morning, late at night. Sneaking out for the extra mile when the fellow runner has left. Races abroad to keep it interesting.

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