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Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

buried in snow

I guess you have heard about the weather conditions in northern Europe. To summarize it: we are buried in snow! Today is the single day I came to the office.
So the training has been adjusted to snow: every day 24-27km in the dunes, in two sessions. It is very time consuming because of the snowy terrain and very,very,very tiring- especially for the hips and the feet-ankles. In spite of the weather last week's mileage averaged 165km-170km. So...yesterday my system crashed: I crawled out of bed @ 15:00, stayed home and in the evening ran 10km.
I cannot describe how much snow there is, let's just say that everything they show on tv is true!
The snowy terrain has offered several challenges: running on powder snow up to my ankles. running on uneven terrain. running on semi-frozen terrain. running with multiple layers of clothes. and of course the best of all: running in the snow storm!
Speed sessions and fartlek is fun, on dry terrain. Hopefully it will not snow again and by mid January I can resume.
Today I did 16km in 1:50 on semi-frozen/uneven terrain, it was so hard I was gasping for air! Air temp -4 C, 4 Bft N wind.

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