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Montag, 28. Februar 2011

yes she can run

I am very pleased with my training, mainly because of the great variety. Moreover, the last 3 days it has been raining non. stop! So the gym is perfect. On Friday I "chilled" in the sauna and on Saturday I was game: I started off with a visit to the sauna before hitting the pool for 2.7km swimming session, followed by a short sauna recovery. I then cycled 19km with resistance 8, before the 1hr body pump class. And then I jumped on the treadmill: 12min run @ 10.2km/hr, 1min walk, 13min run @ 10.3km/hr, 1min walk, 15min run @ 10.3km/hr; total distance about 7.3km. In the end a proud Dafni relaxed in the steam bath!
Yesterday was a good day, too: 40km cycling in 1hr 20min, resistance 8; 20min abs; on the treadmill: 15min run @ 10km/hr, 1 min walk, 15min run @ 10.3km/hr, 1min walk, 18min run @ 10.3km/hr; total distance about 8.2km. Followed by 1hr body pump class. And a 23min long sauna session!
Very happy that I can run, will update more on my progress.

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011


Today is definitely a sauna-rest day, because the update is as follows:
On Tuesday I accumulated some heat in the steam bath and the sauna, and then cycled 36km at resistance level 8-9, 1hr and 10min. I then hopped off the bike and joined a 1hr body pump class, which was followed by 20min abs. And in the end, a crazy spin instructor led the way to the most exhausting 50min spin class I have participated to. The steam bath helped to soothe the muscles!
On Wednesday again I started my session with steam bath and sauna. Then I hit the pool for a 2km swim. Back to the sauna and then 11km cycling with resistance 8, 23min. On to 45min rpm class, followed by 30min abs and random weights. and in the end, 21km cycling, of which the last 6 were with resistance 9. sauna before goodnight!

Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

bake the cake

Last night at the gym I was sooo tired! I started off with 11km cycling/23min, resistance 9. Then I went to the 15min long team workout abs, and cycled 7km resistance 9. 15min weights for the arms, and then on to 45min rpm class. That was where the tiredness surfaced. I barely made it to the end of class! I continued with 10min stretching, 20min weights for the legs. 2.5km rowing in 13min, resistance 5. 15km cycling/28min, resistance level 8. and to relax, I baked myself in the sauna for 23min!

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

hard Monday

Yesterday my training was as follows: sauna. swim 1.4km. sauna. 4km cycling resistance 8. 45min spinning class - I gave it my all. 20min abs and stretching. 14km cycling in 26min, resistance 8 for 1.5km and resistance 9 for the rest. on the treadmill: 4 sets of (8min run @ 10-10.3km/hr , 2min walk @ 5-5.4km/hr). steam bath.

Montag, 21. Februar 2011


Friday was a sauna day. followed by much-needed sleep. On Saturday morning I was up fresh and strong: 16.5km cycling in 33min, resistance 8. 1km rowing ressitance 5. 45min rpm class. 10min abs. 1hr body pump class. 13.5km cycling in 27min resistance 8. 15min abs and stretching. 4 sets of (8min run @10.2km/hr, 2min walk @ 5.2km/hr). sauna. 1.4km swimming. sauna. Very happy that my recovery is progressing.
Sunday I was tired, especially because I went out on Saturday after this huge training session. So I started off with sauna, and then: 31.2km/1hr cycling, resistance 8-9. 2km rowing /11:30, resistance 5. 20min abs, stretching. 15min weights. 7km cycling/15min resistance 8. 1hr body pump class, where I added 2 extra kgs on the weight bar. sauna. Proud that I added extra weight on the bar, but today I can feel so tired!

Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

a nice surprise

Yesterday was hard but not short. I started off with 21.5km cycling/41min, resistance 8. then I continued with 1hr body pump class, where I added to my weight bar 1 extra kg. In the end of class, I could tell the difference! On to 45min rpm class, I was tired and pushed myself only in the second half of class. 15min abs. and then: my first post-injury run: 4 sets of (6min run @10km/hr, 2min walk @5.2km/hr). No post-injury pain whatsoever! Though it did feel weird running again after all this time. I happily went to the sauna to relax, but I was too excited to stay there longer than 17min: I went to the pool for a 1.3km long happy swim. Very, very pleased with myself, it is excellent that I have felt no discomfort after this short run, last night or this morning. My next short and controlled run is scheduled for Saturday!

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

a double update

Tuesday I went crazy: 16.5km cycling/33min, resistance 8. 15min team workout abs. 1hr pilates. 30min weights. 45min spin class. 2km rowing/10:37, resistance 5. sauna. 1.2km swimming.
On Wednesday morning I woke up and felt like someone had beaten me up! In the evening I managed to do: 41km cycling/1hr.15min, resistance level 8-9. 2km rowing/10:30, resistance 5 (this rowing session was super fast for me, I thought I would faint!). 15min abs. 50min weights (no messing around). 2km rowing/11:00, resistance 5. 20km cycling/38min resistance 8-9. sauna. The double rowing session was a new one for me!
For today, I am thinking of either 1. rest, or 2. short and hard. Will update tomorrow!

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

spin proud

Mondays are always great for training, like yesterday: cycling 36km in 1hr10min, resistance level 8-9. 20min abs. 1hr body pump class. 45min spin class. Spinning was very hard this time, I tried to push myself (and I did). Before going to spin class I thought about going for a swim later on, but after spinning I was wiped out. I swam in a pond of sweat instead!
... and relaxed in the sauna.

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

a long update

Ok, so here goes: Friday: sauna- 1.3km swimming-sauna. 30km cycling in 1hr, resistance level 8-9. 25min abs and random weights. 15km cycling in 30min, resistance level 8-9. steam bath.
Saturday: sauna-2km swimming-sauna. 2km rowing resistance 5. abs 15min. 10km cycling in 20min, resistance 8. 1hr body pump class. 20km cycling in 40min resistance level 8. sauna.
Sunday: 26km cycling in 50min resistance 8. 10min stretching and abs. 1km rowing, resistance 5. 1hr body balance class. weights: squats and glutes. 10km cycling in 20min resistance 8. 15min team workout abs. steam bath. sauna. 2.1km swimming. sauna.

Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

very proud!

...of myself, in view of yesterday's workout. jump-started with 22.5km cycling in 43min, resistance level 8-9. 1 hr body pump class. 45min rpm class. abs. squats with 35 and 45kg. 10km cycling in 20min, resistance level 8-9. sauna.
Particularly proud that I did body pump and rpm class non-stop. hard work!

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011


rest, sauna and sleep are great to relax, but my body still feels sore after a week of weight lifting and spinning! I turn my neck, it hurts. I lift my leg, it hurts. don't ask about my arms. But it all hurts in a good way, "I got a proper workout" kind of way. Today I will resume!

Mittwoch, 9. Februar 2011

one word

yesterday: 15km cycling at resistance 8, about 27min. 15min team workout abs. 25min random weights. 5min ice skating 1km (my glutes did not like this!). 45min rpm class, really tried to push myself. 17km cycling in 30min. sauna. 60 laps (1.2km) in the swimming pool. sauna.
after a full week in the gym, today's training is a single magic word: rest. oh yes, and sauna!

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

let's see...

...where should I start? A great variety of training => time flies! Yesterday at Ladies First: 20km cycling faaast, about 40min, resistance 8-9. 2km rowing machine as fast as I could, resistance 5. abs. random weights for the legs. 11.5km cycling resistance 8-9 in 22 min. 1hr body balance. 45min rpm, a pond of sweat around me. sauna. the end!

Montag, 7. Februar 2011

a bit (?) of everything

On Friday I went to Ladies First. After some serious cycling, body balance and random weights/abs, I returned to more cycling and of course finished in the sauna. Saturday was a morning session: cycling 35min, rowing 2km, 45min spinning class. weights, cycling, 30 laps in the pool. sauna. and then shopping!
On Sunday morning I could not get out of bed. I stayed unconscious until 11:30. After cooking marmelade(!) I went to the gym for an afternoon session which started with the sauna. cycling 1hr25minabout 35km, swimming in sweat. random weights/abs. rowing 500m. body pump class 1hr. cycling 10km. lots of sweat and variety!

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

queen of aerobics!

... I wish! Yesterday at the gym: sauna (to wake up!). swimming pool: 50min non-stop. abs. 5km cycling. spinning class 45min. squats with 15-25-35kg. stretching. 2km rowing. steam bath. sauna.
Conclusion: After my swim I was so tired, I barely scraped through in spin class. While rowing I reached trans-state.
I suppose my body is not used to this kind of exercises and is in a shock!

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

put it in the gym

So, if you have extra energy/anger/sleepless nights or other issues, put it all in the gym.
Yesterday's schedule: 10km cycling. 15min team workout abs. 1hr body balance (pilates). 1hr body pump (weights). 13km cycling. sauna.
Arrived home very late and I still had to cook and prepare my stuff for today. To end the day, I threw in some abs and pushups.
Am curious about today's schedule!

Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

a disappointment and a new start

On Monday evening I tried a small run, but after 1km my leg was persisting. The pain was very bearable, but it was clearly there, and running would make it worse.
A new start/ a new view: yesterday I became member of fitness first premium club. Spinning, strength training swimming and spa now provide me with my daily endorphin fix.
12 years ago I was a huge fan of the gym, but I eventually moved to other sorts of training, incl swimming and running. So I guess this is a new take on old territory!
Yesterday my workout included 35km spinning in 1hr10min, 10min elliptical, 15min rowing, weights: squats, back. abs. sauna and steam bath.
Super careful not to put any strain on my leg, but still getting a pond of sweat around me.