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Freitag, 25. Februar 2011


Today is definitely a sauna-rest day, because the update is as follows:
On Tuesday I accumulated some heat in the steam bath and the sauna, and then cycled 36km at resistance level 8-9, 1hr and 10min. I then hopped off the bike and joined a 1hr body pump class, which was followed by 20min abs. And in the end, a crazy spin instructor led the way to the most exhausting 50min spin class I have participated to. The steam bath helped to soothe the muscles!
On Wednesday again I started my session with steam bath and sauna. Then I hit the pool for a 2km swim. Back to the sauna and then 11km cycling with resistance 8, 23min. On to 45min rpm class, followed by 30min abs and random weights. and in the end, 21km cycling, of which the last 6 were with resistance 9. sauna before goodnight!

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