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Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

cross-training update

My update is of cross-training nature: this weekend I biked 50-55km every day and went to the spa for sauna-steam bath- swimming pool .Yesterday I walked for 30min to see how my leg feels, but the main sensation was cold (-5 C). I bought elastic bandages for ankle and lower leg for more support.

Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

a tricky Q

I continue with some more biking, yesterday after work 30km, today I aim at 40km. and in the evening I do 45min-1hr callisthenics. It is a tricky issue: when should I re-start running? I don't feel any pain, today I even had to wear heels at a meeting with a patent attorney and my leg was ok. The only time I feel pain is when I press my thumb on the injured area. Luckily I can bike hard enough to be out of breath and feel I am getting a work-out. I also admit that I feel much better now that I can rest and sleep after all this mileage. I will wait for the weekend and see what I think then!

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

same as Monday

My fitness regime is pretty bland, same as Monday. The only difference, I added some balance exercises. Even though this morning my leg felt ok, now I can feel discomfort and there is some swelling/red skin going on. I do hope I am not taking steps backwards! I do my best to stay positive.

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

counting the days

I do my best to be positive and take it as a mental challenge. Yesterday I went biking 25km after work, and then did some callisthenics and free weights at home. I still apply ice and compress my leg, and I am very pleased that I feel it better every single day. For example, today I have not felt it at all, even though I biked to work, I climbed the stairs to the 20th floor and walked on the floor. I just feel my lower leg tired - or maybe it is me worrying too much. In any case some time this week I will do the 1hr walk test (walk intensively for 1 hr) and if there is no pain, I can resume gradually running. Nervous about that!
Another aspect of this setback is that unbelievable tiredness has surfaced. After one week of rest, I still sleep every day 10hrs.

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

good news hopefully by the end of this week

My update: After having looked at some videos @ utube, I suspect I have shin splints stage 1. In any case, all runners' injuries of the lower leg had approximately the same conservative treatment of R.I.C.E. , cross-training and gradual recovery. I feel my leg much better after one week of rest. I biked on Fri evening 15km, on Sat 55km and on Sun 60km. I also went to the spa on Sat and on Sun and hit the sauna - steam bath - swimming pool. Every evening I do callisthenics so that I don't lose much strength. I slept about 10-11hrs per day.
Regarding the equivalence of running/biking: Opinions vary, and of course it depends on weight-weather-incline. Some athletes say the equivalence is 6km biking = 1km running! I don't like to think in terms of equivalence. Running is running and biking is biking. Muscles work in a different way in every sport. One can stay fit in many ways, either by running, biking, playing tennis etc. But it is clear that even if my level of fitness stays high, when I return to running I will not be able to do very high mileage, without first a recovery period.
In the end of this week I will try to re-introduce running. I am already nervous, I do hope my leg won't hurt! I can still feel it sometimes when walking, not pain but light strain/soreness.

Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

sleep almost back to normal

Every day my leg is getting better, and restraint is getting harder! I do my best to rest and stay true to my schedule of 1 week off, 1 week cross-train. Yesterday was the first day after 5 days in a row that I slept 11 hours instead of 12!

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

mental exercise

Yes I do think it is just a strained/pulled muscle but with my mileage it could lead to more serious problems. I try to look at this break as profound rest which will regenerate both mind and body. I cannot remember the last time I had 3 days of rest in a row! My everyday biking, stairs-climbing and callisthenics help my mood not to sink completely.
I am still sleeping 12 hours per day. This weekend I would like to start with cross-training.

Mittwoch, 19. Januar 2011

a hurt leg and two races

Marathon in Geneva on May 15: sounds nice, but I will go to Rome first and run the marathon there. If I am careful, I have time to recover from my leg injury and put in some training before the race.
I am still sleeping 12 hours per day, I suspect the whole week will go by like this. My leg is better every day, but I still feel some pain/strain when I walk around a corner or when I have to carry my bike. It is very encouraging that it is doing better, but the improvement is slow. In the end of the week I might try a short run, or start cross-training for a week.

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

regeneration: zzzzzzzzzzzz

I have managed so far to stick to my rest plan and bike to/from work, take the stairs to the 20th floor and 30min callisthenics at home. My leg feels better, but I can still feel some strain when walking.

It is unbelievable the amount of tiredness that has surfaced: the past 3 days I have been sleeping 11-12 hours every day. I thought that this week, because of my injury, I would have more time to go to the movies or read a book, but... I opt for sleep every time!

Montag, 17. Januar 2011

regeneration in progress

Here is my update: Sat morning I ran 22.5km and on Sun morning 24km. I could feel the strain in my left leg, which by the way is (fortunately) not shin splints, because the pain is located about 10cm up from the inner ankle. I apply ice and keep it elevated as much as possible, but the rest of R.I.C.E. needs to be applied, too.
I had a plan of taking a week off in the end of January to rest before the last part of my preparation for Rome. Instead I will start this now with the following schedule: 3 days complete rest apart from biking and stairs to work and abs. 2-3 days rest with power walking/biking. Then a small run-test to see how my leg feels. Accordingly I will take up slowly running or continue cross-training for a second week. The biggest challenge in this schedule will be the mental exercise!
As every runner would, I am worried about my leg. But I am confident that with this plan I will be healthy to run in Rome. I can feel the strain in my leg when I walk, but it has not swollen and honestly I believe it is a muscle overtrained. If this is the case then R.I.C.E. should do wonders. Also I think it is important that I rest in time before it gets worse and turns into real injury.

Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

time to rest

Yesterday evening I ran 13km against 6Bft wind.
This morning: imagine this: I woke up with the alarm clock, got dressed for my run, opened the door, put on my shoes, and then... decided to go back to bed!!!
After that I slept for 3(!!!) hours!
My thoughts on this: I am very tired from the high mileage and it is starting to show. This week I have been having shin splints on my left leg. No swelling luckily, but I do feel it when I run and walk. I apply daily ice, but I think the best medicine is rest.
This afternoon I will rest further and sleep more or go to the spa. I will let you know about my weekend training on Monday!
Stay fit - run wisely!

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

wet duckling

My update is a 6.5km yesterday evening in rain showers and a very rainy 12km this morning , running over/in ponds. Now it has stopped raining, I might go for another 8-10km in the evening.

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

a quick review

My update: Monday evening 10km incl 3km faster. Tue morning 22.5km in v. windy hail/rain showers. Don't ask. I finished the run soaking wet, cold, hurting everywhere. Tue evening the weather was ok, so I did 6km incl 2.5km faster. This morning I ran 20km incl last 3km at 12-12.5km/hr. That is my "fast" pace!!!

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

weekend update

The weather makes a big difference in training, but I think it is mostly the speed that is compromised.
It is impressive that you can run any time of the day, late in the morning, at night, ... Your body is very flexible and can adjust to any schedule!!
My update: Fri evening I had a nap instead of a short training, then did some callisthenics at home while listening to the rain outside. Sat morning 25k easy w my Italian fellow runner, not satisfied by the pace. So on Sat evening I did 3km at 11km/h at 21:30. On Sun morning I was tired, so I did just 15km easy. Then I hit the spa, so in the evening I had rested enough to do 12km in 1:05hrs, incl fartlek and about 1.5km @ 13km/hr. Not exactly a speed session, but I am slowly getting there!
Total mileage for last week 161km. Hmmm...
This week's plan: today maybe take the whole day off. Tomorrow a 20-22k incl 2-3km fast finish, if the weather allows for it. In the week 12-17k sessions, evening sessions faster and shorter. Saturday a long run of 25-28km, dep. on the weather. Sunday easy 10-13km. Aiming for 140-150km mileage.
Also in my plans: in the end of January I want to take 4-5 days off from training to rest well. To give my body the chance to rest before the final prep. for Rome.
My training plans for Rome- My worries: cobble stone. And the potentially hot weather!

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

time-demanding training

My update is also predictable: yesterday evening 3km, incl 1km fast. This morning 14.5km easy, tired from yesterday's training. Tomorrow I will try a long run of 25km with my Italian fellow runner, and then on Sunday do 13-16km with some speed variation. I am also planning to go twice to the spa to relax.
How can one find the time to lift weights/ do callisthenics? I do about 20-30min daily callisthenics (push-ups, abs, butt-thighs, light weights) and I still go to work by bike. Sometimes I honestly think it is all too much.

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

lots of update

My update: yesterday evening 7.5km in the rain and strong wind, but for some reason I was feeling ok and managed to pick up the pace for 2km. This morning the weather was humid but mild, 4 C, so I cruised 23km in 2:05hrs. I tried to run the last 2km faster.
As for speed sessions: It is easier to my body to do short faster sessions in the evening. As the weeks go by I will gradually increase the fast mileage, but I could never achieve your quality!!
Re. crazy miles: Actually I still find it strenuous to keep up the mileage, I have to pay attention and get every. single. night 8.5-9hrs sleep or I can't function. I also go to the spa at least once or twice per week, which probably helps with recovery.

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

shake it off

A quick update: yesterday evening I ran 6km and this mornng 15.5km @ easy pace, feeling tired - and the strong wind isn't helping, either! I will have to rest this evening or any evening until the weekend.

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

run once more

My target for Rome: given that the marathon in Rome is on cobble stone, I aim to finish the race healthy, sub-4:00. It may sound like a v. easy target, but I am honestly worried about my back issues and running 42km on cobble stone. Hopefully the race excitement, my excellent fellow runner and of course my cheerleaders (parents) will help me through the course.
Training and weather update: yesterday morning 10km under. constant. hail. showers! Returned home with a headache. In the evening: 10km at about 11km/h, incl 2km really fast (ie about 12.5-13km/h). That's fast for me!!
This morning there were no hail showers, but the obstacle came from within: tired from last night's training! In total 20km, tired from start to finish. Maybe I will go to the spa this afternoon to rest a bit.

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

11 weeks in 2011

I had a look at the calendar, and we have just 11 weeks to prepare for Rome! Plan: a proper long run every other Saturday and an interval session/tempo every week. Also once per week a short tempo in the evening.
I am looking forward to visiting Rome. The cobble stone terrain in Rome will not help for a marathon best time, but we will have the best time running in beautiful Rome!
Last week's mileage was around 150-155km, incl about 6km faster on road/dunes. This week will see a mileage drop and a quality increase.