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Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

good news hopefully by the end of this week

My update: After having looked at some videos @ utube, I suspect I have shin splints stage 1. In any case, all runners' injuries of the lower leg had approximately the same conservative treatment of R.I.C.E. , cross-training and gradual recovery. I feel my leg much better after one week of rest. I biked on Fri evening 15km, on Sat 55km and on Sun 60km. I also went to the spa on Sat and on Sun and hit the sauna - steam bath - swimming pool. Every evening I do callisthenics so that I don't lose much strength. I slept about 10-11hrs per day.
Regarding the equivalence of running/biking: Opinions vary, and of course it depends on weight-weather-incline. Some athletes say the equivalence is 6km biking = 1km running! I don't like to think in terms of equivalence. Running is running and biking is biking. Muscles work in a different way in every sport. One can stay fit in many ways, either by running, biking, playing tennis etc. But it is clear that even if my level of fitness stays high, when I return to running I will not be able to do very high mileage, without first a recovery period.
In the end of this week I will try to re-introduce running. I am already nervous, I do hope my leg won't hurt! I can still feel it sometimes when walking, not pain but light strain/soreness.

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