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Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

lots of update

My update: yesterday evening 7.5km in the rain and strong wind, but for some reason I was feeling ok and managed to pick up the pace for 2km. This morning the weather was humid but mild, 4 C, so I cruised 23km in 2:05hrs. I tried to run the last 2km faster.
As for speed sessions: It is easier to my body to do short faster sessions in the evening. As the weeks go by I will gradually increase the fast mileage, but I could never achieve your quality!!
Re. crazy miles: Actually I still find it strenuous to keep up the mileage, I have to pay attention and get every. single. night 8.5-9hrs sleep or I can't function. I also go to the spa at least once or twice per week, which probably helps with recovery.

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