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Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

run once more

My target for Rome: given that the marathon in Rome is on cobble stone, I aim to finish the race healthy, sub-4:00. It may sound like a v. easy target, but I am honestly worried about my back issues and running 42km on cobble stone. Hopefully the race excitement, my excellent fellow runner and of course my cheerleaders (parents) will help me through the course.
Training and weather update: yesterday morning 10km under. constant. hail. showers! Returned home with a headache. In the evening: 10km at about 11km/h, incl 2km really fast (ie about 12.5-13km/h). That's fast for me!!
This morning there were no hail showers, but the obstacle came from within: tired from last night's training! In total 20km, tired from start to finish. Maybe I will go to the spa this afternoon to rest a bit.

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