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Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

counting the days

I do my best to be positive and take it as a mental challenge. Yesterday I went biking 25km after work, and then did some callisthenics and free weights at home. I still apply ice and compress my leg, and I am very pleased that I feel it better every single day. For example, today I have not felt it at all, even though I biked to work, I climbed the stairs to the 20th floor and walked on the floor. I just feel my lower leg tired - or maybe it is me worrying too much. In any case some time this week I will do the 1hr walk test (walk intensively for 1 hr) and if there is no pain, I can resume gradually running. Nervous about that!
Another aspect of this setback is that unbelievable tiredness has surfaced. After one week of rest, I still sleep every day 10hrs.

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