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Freitag, 30. Juli 2010

tgif and perfect weather

Yesterday evening I did 25min callisthenics and 1hr power walking. It is a nice way to wind down from work!
Today I ran 15km super easy, getting ready for my looooong run tomorrow. In the evening maybe I will bike - the weather is fantastic. My Italian fellow runner will join me for the second 15km of the 30km long run.

Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

prep for Saturday

Yesterday evening I did 7km easy and then walked at the beach. Wonderful sunset! This morning I did 23km, of which the last 1km was at a faster pace. But overall a slow pace. Will try to shake this off until Sat, I want to do a good long run!

Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

schedules, plans, workouts

My training plans: I want to keep it up until Aug 6, when I visit Budapest for a week. In Budapest, I would like to run about 1:30hrs per day easy. That would be a pause to allow my body to relax. Coming back from Budapest, I will have 6 weeks until the race in Berlin. I will train hard 3.5 weeks and then start dropping the mileage.
Yesterday I did a Lactate Threshold workout: 6x (1min fast, 30sec jog). and then 21:25min tempo at the dunes. I cannot measure the distance because on the satellite photo trees cover the paths. I tried my best though, out of breath and all, when I stopped I was... "aloifì". and to top it off, before and after this workout I ran another 1.5hrs, totalling 20km. In retrospect, too much.
Today I did 13km easy. Couldn't feel my legs! Maybe I will go for a short run in the afternoon. In any case, tomorrow I will do my Long Run 2 for this week, around 23km. My Long Run 1 will be on Sat, around 30-31km. and on Fri maybe a second Lactate Threshold workout, a bit easier though.
Biking is perfect, on Mon evening I opted for power walking and callisthenics. Yesterday evening I biked 17km. But I think now is the time to gradually let go of the cross-training and focus more on getting some rest between running workouts.

Sonntag, 25. Juli 2010

increase training carefully

A small training thought: I believe it is excellent to take a "break" from intensive marathon prep, to let the body "absorb" all the intensive training. I am planning to do this from Aug 6 - Aug. 11, when I will be in Budapest.
One mistake and cautiousness: the past 3 weeks I did the classic enthusiast's mistake, increasing both mileage (above 120km per week) and intensity (2 LT sessions or 1 LT and fast finish at another session). Consequence: on Saturday I felt my left ankle sore w surges of pain. I followed the mantra, you can prevent almost every injury if you listen to your body. So: on Sat I did 26.5km slowly (that was when I felt the ankle problem). Coming back home, I did RICE: rest, ice, compress, elevate. Of course no biking in the evening! On Sunday my ankle felt much better, but still I kept tension low and did 20km, last 1km faster. afterwards RICE. and in the evening 10km easy. Total for this week: 135km, of which 7km at faster pace at finish.
You could argue that this mileage is too much for a sore ankle, but I have realized that mileage has always been my strongest point. I suspect my body gets much more tired with speedwork, rather than distance. Today is a day off, and I was actually thinking of resting in the evening, no biking. Just relax! This week I will do a loooong run and a tempo session.

Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

mileage, speed...

If you think my 15km recovery is a lot, check this out: the writer of the book I'm reading with marathon training tips me did double training sessions in his "recovery" days with a recovery mileage of 20-23km at 6:30/mile pace!!!!!! Of course he ran the NY marathon in 2:11, and I ran the Vienna marathon in 3:23....
and my training update: 21km, of which 3km between 17th and 20th were in 14min 35sec. Hmmm... not fast enough, but better than other days!

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

recovery, I say!

This morning I was tired, because let's face it, everyday biking is great cross-training, but it takes its toll when it comes to fatigue. And yesterday's run of 19km was no "recovery" - my body told me this morning. So today I ran 15km easy, as proper recovery.

Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

first read then run!

I read yesterday in a runners' book about the importance of running fast the last miles of your long run, to teach the muscles to store more glycogen, because they are pushed to work harder right when they are depleted. Smart!
So today I did 25km, wherein between the 20th and 23rd km I picked up the pace for 3km in 14:40min (ok, not v fast, but better than nothing!) and then the 25th km fast finish (or at least it felt like it). Also, yesterday I did 20km biking.

Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

new week, new plans

Yesterday evening I was reading a bit from a book, re. VO2max and LT. Even though the guy who wrote it is insane (he prepared for his NY 2:11 mar with a weekly mileage of 125miles and above, double training on "recovery" days), he writes interesting stuff re. the biology behind VO2max and LT (mitochondria, cappillaries, myoglobene... back to school, biology class).
Recap of last week's training: on Fri evening 30km biking 21:30-23:00 (!). On Sat morning 21km easy. On Sun morning 13km, including the following LT session: 4x(2min fast, 30sec jog), and 3x(4min fast, 45sec jog). In retrospect, I should have taken 1:30-2min jog break instead of 45sec. On Sun evening, 10km easy.
Total mileage for the week: 127km incl two LT sessions.
This week: today day off, afternoon bike. One tempo session later in the week. Tomorrow a long-ish run of 24km.

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

summer time

It is amazing how time flies... and the summer cross-training goes on:Yesterday evening I did 18km biking. This morning I did 16km in 1:30hrs. On Sat I plan to do 18km and then on Sun a tempo.

Donnerstag, 15. Juli 2010

after the rain

Yesterday evening I did 25min callisthenics at home and then biked 26km in the dunes after the rain. Fresh and cool!
Today I did 20.5km easy, v windy. Tomorrow I will do about 15km, then Sat a bit longer and then Sun I would like to do my tempo session.

Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

a long run in panic

After doing some calendar calculations, I panicked! So yesterday early in the morning I did 32km in 3hrs. I figured, the Berlin marathon is just 10.5 weeks away, this means I am late in my preparation!
In the evening, I biked 20km. Still, my muscles are sore. Today is a day off, biking and callisthenics are in order!

Montag, 12. Juli 2010

listen when your body aches

My training since Fri: Fri morning 15km, Fri afternoon another 10km easy, then Sat 11.5km easy, and then... collapse! On Sat I could feel the tiredness, but the wave hit me on Sat evening: I went to bed at 23:00 and woke up on Sun at 17:00!!!
I went walking and biking on Sun evening and my legs were numb. Easy to understand why: the week before I had done 128km including two long runs and a tempo. This week I took no day off and did 115km including two long runs. On Sun my body just said no. And I listened!
This morning, well-rested, I did a run with a tempo session: in total 18km, including: 6x (1min fast, 30sec jog), and about 4250-4300m in 18min. not v. precise because the track is not v. clear on gmap-pedometer. Tomorrow a long run. I will update on that!

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

getting ready for the weekend

My mother is leaving tomorrow, and these days I am spending some quality time with her...
and therefore the quality of my training is low! Last night we came back from Rotterdam very late, this morning I could only run 15km easy. Maybe this afternoon I will do a second session, shorter and faster. Tomorrow morning easy 16-17km, and then Sun tempo.

Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

km craze

As planned, I did today 21km easy. So I'm done for this week with long runs: Tue 26km and Thu 21km.
On Sun I will do my tempo and then head to the beach cafeterias for the game...

Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

to the final

The football craze is reaching its peak here, orange flags and orange crowns everywhere.
Yesterday after the match I biked 10km to enjoy the cheers in the neighborhood!
Today I ran 18km easy. Tomorrow I will do about 20km, then on Friday 15km, and then we'll see.

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

the benefits of cross-training on display

My long run this morning was relatively slow, even though I started right after a good night's sleep! 26.5km in 2:38hrs.
Yesterday evening I also did 13km easy run.
These days I do not do any extra biking apart from 15km to work and back. Therefore I feel stronger in running and my body doesn't mind the increased mileage. I now realize how much fitness and strength are enhanced by cross-training. Nevertheless, I will have to watch out and not go overboard!
I will keep a high mileage also this week, and then I will go back down to 100km running plus recreational biking and callisthenics.

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

keeping it up

and the training goes on: on Thu 23km, on Fri 17.5km and on Sat 20km. On Sunday: morning session 17.5km, of which 6x (1min fast, 30sec jog) and 3350m in 14min. afternoon session 10km easy.
Total weekly mileage 128km. Too much, don't you think?
Today I will either take the day off or go for an easy 10km in the evening...