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Sonntag, 18. Juli 2010

new week, new plans

Yesterday evening I was reading a bit from a book, re. VO2max and LT. Even though the guy who wrote it is insane (he prepared for his NY 2:11 mar with a weekly mileage of 125miles and above, double training on "recovery" days), he writes interesting stuff re. the biology behind VO2max and LT (mitochondria, cappillaries, myoglobene... back to school, biology class).
Recap of last week's training: on Fri evening 30km biking 21:30-23:00 (!). On Sat morning 21km easy. On Sun morning 13km, including the following LT session: 4x(2min fast, 30sec jog), and 3x(4min fast, 45sec jog). In retrospect, I should have taken 1:30-2min jog break instead of 45sec. On Sun evening, 10km easy.
Total mileage for the week: 127km incl two LT sessions.
This week: today day off, afternoon bike. One tempo session later in the week. Tomorrow a long-ish run of 24km.

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