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Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

schedules, plans, workouts

My training plans: I want to keep it up until Aug 6, when I visit Budapest for a week. In Budapest, I would like to run about 1:30hrs per day easy. That would be a pause to allow my body to relax. Coming back from Budapest, I will have 6 weeks until the race in Berlin. I will train hard 3.5 weeks and then start dropping the mileage.
Yesterday I did a Lactate Threshold workout: 6x (1min fast, 30sec jog). and then 21:25min tempo at the dunes. I cannot measure the distance because on the satellite photo trees cover the paths. I tried my best though, out of breath and all, when I stopped I was... "aloifì". and to top it off, before and after this workout I ran another 1.5hrs, totalling 20km. In retrospect, too much.
Today I did 13km easy. Couldn't feel my legs! Maybe I will go for a short run in the afternoon. In any case, tomorrow I will do my Long Run 2 for this week, around 23km. My Long Run 1 will be on Sat, around 30-31km. and on Fri maybe a second Lactate Threshold workout, a bit easier though.
Biking is perfect, on Mon evening I opted for power walking and callisthenics. Yesterday evening I biked 17km. But I think now is the time to gradually let go of the cross-training and focus more on getting some rest between running workouts.

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