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Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

a disappointment and a new start

On Monday evening I tried a small run, but after 1km my leg was persisting. The pain was very bearable, but it was clearly there, and running would make it worse.
A new start/ a new view: yesterday I became member of fitness first premium club. Spinning, strength training swimming and spa now provide me with my daily endorphin fix.
12 years ago I was a huge fan of the gym, but I eventually moved to other sorts of training, incl swimming and running. So I guess this is a new take on old territory!
Yesterday my workout included 35km spinning in 1hr10min, 10min elliptical, 15min rowing, weights: squats, back. abs. sauna and steam bath.
Super careful not to put any strain on my leg, but still getting a pond of sweat around me.

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