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Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

running thoughts

A Greek fellow runner confessed to me that he runs every day no matter what others say. I understand him 100% for sneaking out of home in the rain to complete the mileage he wanted! Some people call it perversion, we call it passion-love-achievement. Besides, the time we spend training and putting all those miles in, the others who blame us of being perverse are on the couch in front of the tv. We make the most of our life!
Dark and rain do not stop us. Excellent!
Now... a few notes on my mileage:
My "fast" sessions in the evenings are at about 12-12.5km/hr speed! I could never do such increased mileage combined with fast intervals.
Training update: yesterday evening 4.5km "fast" (!)... and then a dash to the shower to make it in time for the restaurant!!! This morning 17.5km easy, v windy and rainy. I am starting to feel tired because 1. I have been training twice per day for the last 14 days non-stop, and 2. it is hard to combine such training with visitors at home. We go out every night and not wanting to compromise my training I end up sacrificing sleep. Will decrease mileage in the weekend, and increase sleep!
Re. running in the morning @ 06:00: It is ok as long as I have slept at least 7 hours. Yesterday and today I felt my legs heavy in the morning because of prolonged lack of sleep. In the evenings I am always pumped from work and can run a bit faster.
We keep it up, in the rain, in the winter!

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