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Freitag, 15. Juli 2011


Ok, so going out with my mum, going shopping, and basically having fun at home with my favourite guest is awesome - but it can be very tiring, especially when combined with training!
On Wednesday afternoon I went for a run after a super long morning run, work, shopping and before our night out. Result: I was too tired to do anything more than 5km!!! I barely made it back home, but still managed to bring wild flowers with my for my mum. On Thursday I went for a hard-core run in the morning, 2hrs:25min fighting against wind and heavy rain, about 21-22km. We chilled/stayed cozy at home, and in the afternoon I went to the gym for a very good session: 1hr:30min cycling, resistance 8-9, 40km; 1hr body pump; 15min abs; 45min treadmill uphill walk, inclination 7, speed 5.3-5.9km/hr, distance 5km. sauna 20min. I then braved through the bad weather and did some shopping, the last presents for my mum.
This morning I was tired after the long Thursday afternoon-evening, but I insisted upon running because the sky had cleared. I ran 17km at an easy pace. In the afternoon I will visit the gym for a very short session comprising only cycling, because afterwards I will escort my mum to the airport. This weekend I want to focus on the following: easy runs in the morning; rest and sleep in the day; quality, long but low-impact sessions at the gym; extra sauna session at my neighbourhood's health club; clean-eating, cooking gourmet unprocessed foods.

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