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Dienstag, 3. August 2010

lactate threshold finish

Yesterday evening I did 20km biking and 30min callisthenics. Perfect weather, sad to go back home at 21:40!
This morning super early I did 25km, of which: 3km between 20th and 23rd km in 13:38. I should have gone faster, I was annoyed by myself in the end that I didn't give it my all. This would not be an issue if I had a very competitive fellow runner to push me in the hard workouts! Running hard on my own can be hard!
This evening I will do some biking or walking at the beach. I leave for Budapest on Fri, trying to keep it up until then. And in Budapest I will do 1:30hrs per day max, and mainly soak in the roman baths of the city. And La Bohème!

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