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Mittwoch, 4. August 2010

enjoy the miles

Yesterday I was flattered when a devoted marathoner had good words to say about my stamina. What a confidence boost!
I would enjoy achieving a PB in Berlin, but I always try to remember, focus is on the fun aspect, not the chronometer. That is also what keeps me motivated for my everyday training: running is something I do for myself, because I genuinely enjoy it. Now, if this can be combined with a swift marathon time, the better!
This morning I did 18.5km at slow pace. It was windy and rainy, but I felt like it. I do hope my legs will not be depleted tomorrow, I would like to do some speedwork!
And a note on speedwork to keep in mind: My back twitches when I do intervals or tempo, and I have to make smaller strides. It is an old consequence of overuse, since I was 18 and I was preparing for my first marathon! I had visited repeatedly a doctor for athletes, and he was giving me series of cortisone injections in my back. I finally realized this was no cure, just drugs and stopped going there. Rest, weight loss and swimming made it better. But our bodies have a memory, so now I still feel my back ache at speedwork. Have to be super careful!

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