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Freitag, 27. August 2010

rainy update

My training these past days: after the long run on Tue, I did that evening some biking. On Wed morning 17.5km, then in the evening 30km biking. On Thu I did 17km easy, and today 11km easy, super tired.
I would like to do some quality training this weekend, for example 15-20km incl 10km fast, or 20km at race pace. But it really depends on the weather. This week the weather has been ridiculous, heavy rain with short breaks of strong wind.
A new sport has prevailed: Biking in flooded streets. Requires extra stamina, as the water makes pedaling super hard. No gels or power drinks needed, the athlete is kept hydrated by splashes of water all over her body.
And as the day gradually becomes shorter, I find I need more and more sleep... Quality rest!

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