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Freitag, 4. November 2011

just do it

This is not a nike advertisement, it is just a declaration of the state of mind you sometimes have to be in to get that work out done. Yesterday I was feeling off after too much work and too hard work outs of the previous days. But I went to the gym, put on my gym clothes, my head phones, on the treadmill, and then I said, let's go! The beginning was not pleasant, I admit, but I insisted and in the end of the day I did feel great. I started off with 19km on the treadmill, inclination 1 speed 10.3-10.8km/hr, total 1hr:45min; then 45min rpm class; then 30min serious and focused weight lifting for arms and chest (I have been thoroughly enjoying these weight lifting sessions ever since I read Negrita Jayde's book Supervixen); and then 5km on the treadmill inclination 1 speed 10.5km/hr, in less than 30min. After a good stretch I hit the sauna.
Today I will hop on the treadmill for a short-ish session, before heading to a new Friday combo: body pump and spin class which has just been added to the gym's schedule. Three cheers! Nevertheless, I will try to be back home as soon as possible to get some rest: tomorrow is a long day which includes early morning training at the gym and then going out! And later grocery shopping!

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