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Sonntag, 5. September 2010

20 days to go

My update: on Fri evening I biked 27km. On Sat morning I ran 12km and returned home for some much-needed sleep! In the afternoon I did 15km, last 2km faster. On Sun morning I did 15km including: 9x(1min fast run, 30sec jog) and then 10min fast run, no rest between the interval session and the 10min run. Proud of myself! In the afternoon I ran 12km, last 3km faster. Total mileage for last week: 128km.
This week's schedule: 105-110km, incl a 30km long run and a 20km run. Two days off, and three days of recovery runs of around 15km. Next week drop to 90km, again two days off.
I will also switch from biking to walking, because it is less strenuous. Valuable rest before the race!
I can't believe my marathon in Berlin is in just 20 days. Time flies!

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