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Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

today and 3 days to go!

Last days before the race - resting thoughts:
Yesterday evening I went for a 1hr walk, and felt my right knee strained. Probably it is nothing (or just nerves!) but it makes me think: during the marathon, every strain counts, and after the first kilometers, any discomfort can become larger than life. Caution is needed, but also remember: no pain no gain!
As for my pace: the last 8 days before the race I run with no chronometer. I have no idea how fast my pace is, but I do know how it feels: sustainable! I will know my pace after the first 5km of the race!
At the start line, my main goal is to finish the race. After the first 5-10km, I will know how my body is responding. After 20-23km, I will be more confident that I can make it!

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