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Sonntag, 12. September 2010

getting there

Defying tapering rules, I ran 32km on Sat, incl last 8km faster. I don't know whether it helped my tapering, but it definitely boosted my confidence. I mean, if I can do 32km all by myself, then surely I can run 42km in a race, with thousands of people adding to the excitement of the race? (we pretend that the "wall" of the last 10km does not exist!)
On Sun I ran 14km easy. So last week's mileage sums to 113km. This week I will drop to 90-95km. I will also try to sleep more. and... I will stop timing my running sessions. It leads my psychology to the wrong direction. From now on until the race, running will be with a plain watch, no chronometer. Focus on how hard the training and the pace feels, not how fast the chronometer says. I can almost see the finish line in front of me!

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