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Dienstag, 14. September 2010

recreational and serious

Today I did 19km with the last 2km faster. Very windy! Tomorrow will do either a short or nothing. Then Thu and Fri 15km with intervals. By the end of the week I should start to feel really well rested.
What I find interesting is the psychological aspect: I don't want to time any training sessions until the race. I actually do not want to think about the race at all!
Maybe it is better this way, to put the marathon in the right context. Sure I have invested time and effort the past few months in preparation for the race, but I genuinely enjoyed my training, and still do, no matter if I go to any race.
I care about the race, but I care even more about enjoying my trip to Berlin!
Hmmm... the last statement sounds like coming from a "recreational" runner, not a "serious" runner...

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