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Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

last post before Berlin

Today I ran 15km easy. I feel rested, so I am hoping for the best!
Unfortunately the weather forecast for the race is rain, so I will have to keep my targets flexible. I would love to reach the finish line in good health and in cheery mood!
Tomorrow 10km easy and then on Sat 5km easy... Oh my god! The race is so close! Fun/anxiety/excitement!
I was thinking of following the 3:30 pace maker and see how it goes. But I will know my pace once I cross the start line! Totally unpredictable!
My father will be at the 20th km cheering with a banner. My mom will be waving flags at the 35th km. Her cheers will fight away the wall!
Magic words for the marathon: patience- persistence- positive energy.
My next post will be after the race!

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