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Dienstag, 28. September 2010

excellent experience!

Rain did not stop 40,000 runners last Sunday! We ran the Berlin marathon and we are very proud!
I did a personal best (inspite of the rain!) and clocked in at 3:18:20. Very happy to spot my parents among the crowd cheering for me, at 21km and 38km. Fans always give us runners an extra confidence boost!
Post-race plan: rest-sleep-walk-bike. But mainly, sleep!
In the coming cold months, intensity in my training will drop, as speed sessions and intervals are almost impossible to run in the cold. That is fine with me - my training for the past 4 months was very intense. I am happy to switch to slow and easy running for a while!
I have no idea what my next goal will be. Will give it some thought in October.

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