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Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

the weather is excited, too!

On Tuesday I did 20km and then on Wednesday15km. The weather here is terrible. I ran in non-stop heavy rain, 11 C. In spite of goretex garments, I was soaking wet. The worst was the soaking socks and shoes. Of course, the pace was slow!
This unstable autumn weather has gotten me thinking: all planning re. pacing is fine, but if on the race day the weather is crappy, these plans go down the (d)rain.
Marathon runners should be flexible re. their race plans.
So... if on race day I am caught by heavy rain or any other external discomfort, the goal pace will be adjusted to... super slow! And the goal will be: reach the finish line in the race limit!

Today's run was a smooth 18km with the last 1km faster on a hill. Finally no rain!
Tomorrow I would like to run 12-13km easy with fast finish, then on Sat a 32km long run... to boost my confidence! And to make sure my confidence is boosted, I put no pressure re. clock for the 32km long run. If I feel strong after 22km, maybe go faster until the end.

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