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Dienstag, 21. September 2010

another experience

So the story of a colleague, is as follows: Back in his twenties he was semi-pro runner in West Germany. His distance was track and field 10km, road racing 10km or more. When preparing for the marathon, he trained in hilly Aachen, about 80-90km per week with high quality sessions. His marathon race in flat track of Hamburg: he ran 4:15 per km until the 25th km. When hitting the wall, he followed his friends' advice and went even faster, at 4:10 per km until the 32nd-35th km. Then... he slowed down, and finished almost walking. Total time 3:06, he was initially aiming at under 3:00.
The marathon is always full of surprises, no?
My training these days: yesterday 5km easy, today 15km in the fog, incl 3km at race pace. Tomorrow is a day off, then all easy runs, low mileage and sleep! until Sunday.
I will do my best to enjoy the experience!

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