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Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

sleep and then melt in the gym

On Wednesday afternoon, at the gym: 6km on the treadmill in 35min, inclination 1, speed 10-10.8km/hr; 45min body balance class; 1hr:30mcycling, resistance 7-8, 41km; sauna 30min. I had to go shopping and to run further errands after the gym session, so I slept way too late. Result: on Thursday morning I opted for extra sleep instead of a run! But in the afternoon I was the bomb.com: at the gym I ran on the treadmill 20.5km in total, inclination 1, spped 10-10.9km/hr, 1hr:55min; I also did 1hr body pump class and 45min rpm class, focusing on quality training. I finished with 20min sauna.
This morning Iran at the windy dunes about 16.5km in 1hr:45min, I think this run was a bit too close to yesterday's 20.5km and my legs were feeling heavy.

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