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Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

weak legs!

Yesterday in the afternoon my legs were fine, because my morning 15km run had given them a chance to rest. So I hopped on the bike for 40min cycling, resistance 7. I then had a 1hr body pump class, followed by a 1hr rpm XL class, 10min abs. After a 15min sauna session, I went to the pool for 800m swim, and then returned to the sauna for 20min.
I was pleased with this training, but it was time-consuming, and I came home and ultimately slept very late. Also, swimming is always a shock to my body because I don't do it very often Last time I swam was 15 days ago!
This morning, even though I was seriously lacking sleep, I woke up super early and ran 19km in the dunes in 2hrs. Effect: now I feel my legs very weak! I see more sleep in my near future!

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