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Montag, 26. September 2011

Budapest recap

What an excellent vacation i had in Budapest! The weather was great, every day I woke up super early an head to Mrgaret islandto run on the tartan lap of 5350m, just like the locals! I also ran back to my penthouse. In the afternoons, after my day activities, I went to the island for another run/walk and/or go to the spa facilities of the apartment block for the gym/swimming pool/sauna/hamam/massage! All this before going out to the opera and the city center! The last day after check-out I went to a spa resort nearby, and used the ultra-equipped gym, and the thermal springs!
Coming back to Scheveningen late Friday night, I was happy to find here too excellent weather. Late Saturday morning I went to the dunes for an ultra long run, combined later in the evening with a walk at the promenade and abs at home. On Sunday I went for a 2-hr run in the morning, and early in the afternoon I enjoyed a 2-hr bike rude at the dunes, followed by 1hr:25min run to Benoordenhout and back. I finished off the day with weight exercises and squats at the veranda, enjoying beatiful purple skies.
This morning I slept in, it was beneficial for my legs that have run an unbelievable mileage the past 10 days. In the afternoon I will return to the gym: I have missed cycling, the treadmill (while watching soap operas!) and of course spinning!

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