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Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

simply too much

Yesterday at the gym: 1hr cycling, resistance 7-8, 435kcal; 1hr on the treadmill, consisting of 2km uphill walk, inclination 7.5, speed 5.5-6.3km/hr; and then 7.3km run, inclination 1, speed 10.3-10.6km/hr; 55min rpm class; and then I was planning to do the first half of the spin class that started at 20:00, but the instructor was not very happy with people leaving in the middle of the class. So I braved through and did the whole 1hr spin class!
I came back home super-late and had no time to eat and sleep well. This morning I was still in tension, so I did go for a run, ignoring the windy weather and the darkness outside: 1hr:45min, about 17km. Very happy with this workout given the circumstances!
In the evening I will have a relatively short but high-quality session of cycling, body pump, rpm, and treadmill walk.

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