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Freitag, 16. September 2011

countdown to Budapest

Tomorrow I am flying to Budapest, and until then my mood is flying high - as well as my mileage!
Yesterday at the gym I thoroughly enjoyed a 1hr body pump class, after 45min cycling, and followed by 50min rpm class. I then hopped on the treadmill: 2km uphill walk, inclination 7.5, speed 5.5-6.4km/hr; and then 4km run, inclination 1-1.5 and speed 10.3-10.5km/hr. I then stretched well and rushed to the sauna for a 12min session; after the gym I went grocery shopping! The night was full of cooking, cleaning, laundry and packing for Budapest.
Naturally this morning I woke up with an alarm clock, and I didn't know where I was! Nevertheless I went to the dunes for my super early run, but kept it simple and easy: 1hr:50min, about 17-17.5km. Today I will go to the gym for cycling, treadmill and body pump, in that order. If I have the time I will visit the sauna, but I intend to be home early to finish off packing and to rest well: tomorrow morning, I am planning a long run and a nap before my flight!

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