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Montag, 7. Juni 2010

the first one

The first post of many to come! This weekend I did:

On Sat I did a long run with an Italian colleague: 25.5km in 2:30hrs. I will keep my long runs at this level, and start increasing in end of July to 27km and above. Yesterday I did 15km, of which: 3.8km warm-up, 3km in 15min, 3km at slower pace and then 3km in 14min. The rest was at relaxed pace. I wanted to do more intervals, or maybe go faster, but: On Sat evening I had gone biking at the dunes, 30km, and came back at 22:00... So on Sun morning at 07:00 my legs did not obey my will for intervals!
I should decrease biking in late summer. For now, the weather is so nice and the days so long, I can't resist. And why should I?

...and this morning I came to work by bike. I will probably go biking at the dunes in the evening, if it is not very windy! No running for today, the week starts with a day off!

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