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Mittwoch, 9. Juni 2010

a race and an injury alert

Yesterday morning I took the day off... because in the afternoon I participated in a race! Every year, the jogging club of the company I work in organises a 6km cross-country run. The route is mostly flat but includes 2 steep hills at 2km and at 4km. Results: I clocked in 26:02 minutes and finished first among the women! Overall I ranked 30th, the winner clocked 21:47 minutes! There was some serious running going on!
After the race (and the award ceremony!) I biked back home and then hit the spa at a beach hotel near my place.
Today is a day off, I won't even go biking or power walking in the evening, because... last night coming back from the spa, I felt my right ankle tired and twitching, and it was warm right on the spot where I had my over-training injury last autumn. So I will rest, rest, rest today and I will drop the mileage for this week to 80-85km. And I will not be so active in the evening. Prevention and listening to my body should be the two lessons I learnt the hard way.
I will update on how my ankle responds in the next few posts!

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