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Freitag, 11. Juni 2010

a quick update on the ankle

Good news regarding the strained ankle, but I will continue with prevention: I will start ice treatment this afternoon! Yesterday I rested, and in the evening I went for 30min walking. No sign of pain/tiredness on my ankle. Today I went runnning, I did 21.5km at relaxed pace. Again, no pain at the ankle. Still, I will play it safe and: 1. apply ice for the next days starting from today. 2. forget speedwork and tempos until at least mid-next week. 3. keep the mileage this week at 85km and next week at 90km. 4. get more sleep. 5. do less callisthenics and power walking, because they engage the same muscles as running does. 6. change running shoes - a new pair is waiting in the closet.

All looks good, plus the weekend is here!

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