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Sonntag, 21. November 2010

great autumn training

The autumn is reaching its end... My running garments these days: I run in the morning with semi-thick nike tights, and in the evening with thick reebok/adidas tights. I always wear semi-thick or thick (icebreaker) socks that are high, sometimes until the knee. I wear thick long-sleeve shirt and thick wind breaker. and ski gloves! In the winter, when the temp drops below 0 C, I wear woolen socks underneath the ski gloves. and a ski mask on the face!
Training update: Fri evening 8km, incl 2km faster. Sat morning ran with a colleague, 23.5km easy, and in the evening 6.5km incl 3.5 fast, around 13-13.5km/hr. On Sun 17km in the morning, 12km in the evening, all easy. In-between I had time to go to the spa and soak! Total weekly mileage... 165-170km. I am feeling ok, I still have the energy to get on with the rest of my life, but I am worried that my body will say "no" in a very abrupt way, for instance, collapse with no previous warning signs - touch wood! I guess I am just afraid of injury with such high mileage.
In any case, this week the mileage will drop in the end of the week: I have guests coming to my house on Saturday evening, so preparations and aftermath will demand more time by the end of the week. A chance to rest!

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