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Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

a busy life

This weekend I was so busy, I can barely remember my work outs to post them here... Let's see: on Friday afternoon I hopped on the treadmill and warmed up with a 0.5km uphill walk, to continue with a running session of 1hr. I then did some squats and abs exercises and after 50min I was on the treadmill for another 1hr. I finished off with cycling and sauna. Overall my afternoon session must have averaged around 20km running. On Saturday morning I ran at the dunes 6km, it was freezing cold and I was not prepared for that! I could not control my frozen legs and I fell. Luckily I hit the ground with no serious injuries, but I can still feel my knee and my chest/back sore. I slept for the best part of the day and in the early afternoon I hit the gym for indoor revenge: 1km uphill walk, and then a run of 18km. I also cycled a bit and then gave it my best at 1hr body pump class before hitting the sauna. On Sunday I went in the morning to the gym for a super long session: 40min cycling; 1hr spin class; and on the treadmill for 1hr:50min, comprising 0.5km uphill walk and then 19km run. I also lifted weights for the arms and did some squats and lunges, followed by the sauna. Total mileage for the last week: about 160km. Although the mileage is piling up, and of course I feel the tiredness, no injuries and no strained muscles (thank God!) have disturbed me. I suppose the treadmill puts the joints and tendons on less stress than outdoor running. Plus, I get to stay warm inside, watch my favorite tv shows, keep an accurate account of my work out, control the intensity of my work out, socialize, and combine the running session with other work outs.
This morning I ran 9-9.5km at the dunes in 1hr, well-dressed and equipped this time! In the afternoon I will keep my treadmill session easy and focus on 2hrs spin class.

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