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Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

drop the mileage

So on Friday I went crazy (again) and did more than planned: I ran on the treadmill 18km before heading to 1hr body pump, where I added 2kg extra on the barbell for the squats. After class I hoppen on the treadmill again for 4 extra km. I finished off with some abs exercises and then went to the sauna. On Saturday early morning I went to the gym for a long and hard session: 45min cycling; 45min rpm class; on the treadmill 22km in 2hrs; 40min weights for the arms and squats and lunges; sauna. On Sunday morning I did: 45min cycling; 1hr spin class (very hard, I gave it my all); 11km run on the treadmill in 1hr; 30min weights for the arms, squats and quadriceps; sauna. After some shopping I managed to come hoe relatively early, at about 15:40, so I had time to do some household cleaning, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading my new books, and repeat!
This week my thoughts are as follows: the past few weeks I have increased the number of spin and rpm classes I participate, as well as my running mileage and the quality of my weight lifting sessions. Also this week a new spin class has entered the schedule, every Friday at 19:30. I definitely want to participate! So some adjustments (or rather one!) are in view: I will drop the mileage a bit, so that I can accommodate all the spinning and rpm that I so much like. Plus, this strategy is injury-preventive: I have noticed in the past that when I go above 130-140km per week, my body really feels the strain and craves rest.

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