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Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

double spin: check!

Yesterday at the gym I started off with 1hr cycling, resistance 7, 24-25km- feeling a bit numb, I have to admit! I continued with 30min abs and weight lifting, and then 30min uphill walk on the treadmill, inclination 7.5, speed 5.5-6.1km/hr; I was still feeling tired when I entered the 19:00 spin class, but then I noticed that as time went by (or rather flew by!), I was feeling better and my legs were more awake. So I continued for the second spin class at 20:00, and stayed until the end, at 21:00! No time to hit the sauna, a quick shower and biked as fast as possible back home. I managed to go to bed at a reasonable time, so today I hit the dunes for a hard run: 21km in 2hrs:12min.
Overall I am very, very proud for Wednesday's training, especially when combined with this morning's hard run. Today at the gym my session will be shorter and I will not push myself: easy cycling, body pump, rpm class, uphill walk. and definitely sauna!

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