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Montag, 1. August 2011

where do I begin?

The past few days I have been so meticulous with my training: On Fri evening I went to the gym for the planned low-impact session, filled with two 45min sessions cycling, 30min abs and zphill walk on the treadmill, and 1hr body pump, polished off with 20min sauna. On Saturday morning I went for a long run at the dunes and in Benoordenhout, even though I was feeling tired from the whole week. Super early and super motivated, I ran 2hrs:47min, around 26-27km. Pleased with that speed after all! In the afternoon I went to the gym for 1hr cycling, 1hr:10min abs-stretching-weight lifting, and 50min uphill walk on the treadmill, followed by 15min sauna. Afterwards I went out with friends, and when I came back home late at night I was completely worn out! On Sunday morning I felt up for a good run, mainly thanks to the perfect weather. So I ventured to the dunes and to Benoordenhout for a 2hr:10min long run, about 21km. In the afternoon I did at the gym: 1hr cycling, 27km, resistance 7^-8; 50min uphill walk on the treadmill, inclination 7, speed 5.2-6km/hr; and 1hr body pump, where I increased the weight on the bar for the following tracks: squats, biceps, shoulders. It was one of the very few times that I was perspiring with weight lifting - an indication of a good workout! I still had time for a 15min sauna session, I wish this were longer, but blame it on the gym closing time which is now 17:00 instead of 18:00 until Aug. 30th. I went back hoe and after some household work, I had the time to unwind and rest before cooking took over.
Today I woke up for an early run, as usual. I ran at the dunes about 16.5-17km in 1hr:43min. Today's evening session at the gym will focus on aerobic exercise!

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