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Montag, 29. August 2011

everybody on the dance floor

Yes, on Friday I went to the dance workout sh'bam. All sorts of peculiar people were taking part, including me! I enjoyed the music and dance steps, along with the instructor's energy. Of course, I also cycled, walked on the treadmill and had some time to do abs.
During the weekend: on Saturday my body surprised me by being fresh and pain-free, so I ram a long-ish run of 24km at the dunes in 2hrs:30min. On Sunday I also ran more than 2hrs, about 21km. Both days in the evening I went to the gym for uphill walk - weight lifting - cycling. Time flew by as I watched the world championships track&field on eurosport! On Saturday later on I went to the local pool and spa in Scheveningen for more relaxation and heat - the weather here is fall-appropriate, it is unbelievable! Already?!!
This morning I woke up and headed for 19.5km at the dunes in 2hrs:05min. Happy with my pace, not happy about the weather: strong wind, temperature 11-12 degrees C. I was cold, tomorrow I will have to wear my fall gloves!
In the evening today I will go to the gym, especially looking forward to spin class.

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