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Montag, 22. August 2011

new challenge ahead

Last week's recap: overall less outdoor running mileage, but more indoor training, especially spinning. On Friday afternoon I cycled and walked on the treadmill, and polished it off with some weight lifting. On Saturday morning I felt ok and the weather was awesome so I headed outside for 24km at the dunes and Benoordenhout, completed in 2hrs:34min. In the afternoon my gym session included uphill walk on the treadmill, cycling and team workout abs. On Sunday morning the weather was again great and I made the most of it: I ran 19km in 2hrs:05min, and close to the end of my run I had a break to pick up fresh blackberries from the bushes- 100% natural energy bar! In the afternoon I was feeling tired, but I took up the challenge and went to the gym for 1hr:45min uphill walk, inclination 7.5, speed 5.5-6.1km/hr_ pretty intense! I also did 10min cycling and 1hr body pump, finished off with a sauna session. Overall a full weekend, which further included going to the movies, and shopping.
This morning I kicked off my day with 20.5-21km at the dunes, in 2hrs:15min, very hard workout due to uneven running surface. My legs are now dead! Still, I am taking up the challenge: this week I would like to continue with my reduced running regime, as it makes me feel stronger and add more quality in my weekend runs; but focus more on spinning. So in the afternoon today I will go to the gym for 2hrspin class, weight lifting and uphill walk. Moreover, I have found that the uphill walk can have soaking in sweat if done with high inclination and high speed.

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