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Mittwoch, 10. August 2011

a good listener

Yesterday at the gym: 1hr:15min uphill walk on the treadmill, inclination 7-7.5, speed 5.4-6.3km/hr - pretty intensive! Then 45min rpm class, followed by 1hr spin class; and 30min sauna. All this is very good, but combined with the long run on Tuesday morning (and with the intensive double workout on Monday) meant that today would be a full rest day. I listened to my body this morning and slept in. In the afternoon I will go to the gym for an extra long sauna session.
I have realized that with all this hard training, my body needs one full rest day every 2 weeks, and two half rest days in-between. It is important that my rest day focuses on regeneration: good sleep (check!), easy active routine (biking to work and 20 floors staircases, check! a walk in the evening will be added to this), sauna (in the afternoon at the gym), nutritional food (in the evening, I will have sufficient time to cook tomato and broccoli soup garnished with truffle, green pumpkin slices, carrots and peas, fresh salad beast). I also have to take advantage of the extra free time and do some shopping... time flies, as always!

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