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Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

stay true

If you stay true to yourself (and don't ask too much from your body), you will reap the results: Two full weeks after my fall on a morning run, I claim I have recovered 95%. I can still feel a twitch on my back every now and then, but overall all is back to fine.
Yesterday at the gym, I played it cool and low-impact: cycling 50min, team workout abs, squats for the legs, 45min rpm class, 1hr spin class, 30min sauna. Low-impact meant that I could give all I had during rpm and spin, sweat was dripping all over!
This morning I felt the tiredness from Monday's and Tuesday's workouts piling up, but I did go out for an easy run: 1hr:55min at the dunes, about 17km. In the afternoon I will probably go to the gym for: cycling, weight lifting, spin class, treadmill uphill walk.

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